Thanks for visitng Protovapor.com, home of the XPV mod! We are pleased to offer our mods based on the Evolv DNA chipset. We are also authorized dealers of Evolv Vapor products including DNA boards and specialize in temperature control vaping.

Recent News

Status 8/31: XPV colors now available

XPV DNA-200D main production begins Today we are pleased to announce the start of primary production of the XPV DNA-200D mod in our usual XPV color variety. In addition, we have upgraded the site software to support more robust options management ...
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Status 8/24: Further update

Hits keep coming Unfortunately we have encountered several more issues affecting production, the most significant of which is that one of our production CNC mills went down. Repair parts are due in Monday. This has caused an additional delay in fulfilling ...
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Status 8/19: XPV production update

Producing of XPV DNA-200Ds proceeds, colors imminent We are currently a few days behind on production of the XPV DNA-200D mods, as optimizing designs and processes for production has taken longer than expected. We have closed ordering temporarily until we get ...
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XPV DNA-200D Standard End Plates

Status 8/6: Introducing the XPV DNA-200D

XPV DNA-200D launch! Today we are pleased to introduce our latest XPV, the XPV DNA-200D. Featuring the 200-watt DNA 200D board by Evolv, it is our most advanced and powerful device to date. We have completely remade our design and production ...
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Fullymax 900mah 11.1v 3S lipo

Status 7/10: FullyMax LiPo cells now available! Over stock sale!

3S cells for DNA 200D now in stock Added a couple of new items that should be of interest for DNA 200D modders: Fullymax 11.1v 3S 900mah 30C lithium polymer battery pack - This is a compact cell that is the exact ...
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DNA 200D now shipping! See Recent News for more information.