Thanks for visitng Protovapor.com, home of the XPV mod! We are pleased to offer our mods based on the Evolv DNA chipset. We are also authorized dealers of Evolv Vapor products including DNA boards and specialize in temperature control vaping.

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Status 9/16: DNA 250 available now, closeout category added, SALE!

DNA 250 in stock, for now Although full availability of the DNA 250 is still expected for October or almost then, we were able to get our hands on enough boards to make them available without quantity limits. In stock ...
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Status 8/8: New mods, DNA 250 limited availability, DIY products

New mods announced We are proud to announce three new mods to update our lineup to make use of Evolv's latest boards. These mods represent the continuation of our design and functionality philosophy and will be on a short introductory ...
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Status 8/1: DNA60 preorder live, more LE silo mods, countdown to regulation

Evolv DNA 60 available for preorder Evolv is releasing the DNA 60 ahead of the FDA regulatory deadline so producers can get the very latest boards into products before time runs out. The DNA 60 is now available for preorder ...
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Silo LE SN2138

Status 5/3: Limited edition mods, DNA 75 launch, custom buttons, more!

Introducing Protovapor Limited Edition Silo mods We are proud to announce the launch of Protovapor limited edition Silo mods, unique custom-anodized versions of the DNA-200D Silo mod. Each of these devices is a one-of-a-kind and they will be sold individually ...
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Main Family estate 100% Kona coffee


100% Kona estate-grown coffee now available! Coffee and vaping go hand-in-hand and we are proud to now offer some of the rarest coffee on earth: 100% Kona estate-grown coffee! Grown on the Main Family Estate, these beans are hand picked ...
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DNA boards restocked, available and shipping! FREE SHIPPING ON U.S. ORDERS OVER $50! Code: FREESHIP