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Fullymax 900mah 11.1v 3S lipo

Status 7/10: FullyMax LiPo cells now available! Over stock sale!

3S cells for DNA 200D now in stock Added a couple of new items that should be of interest for DNA 200D modders: Fullymax 11.1v 3S 900mah 30C lithium polymer battery pack - This is a compact cell that is ...
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Status 7/3: July 4th sale! Get your boards cheap

Get your sale on Now through Monday, 7/6/15, use the code YAY15 for 15% off your entire order! HELLO2015 free domestic shipping also applies for items that say so on the listing. No better time to get your DNA and ...
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200 watts

Status 6/26: DNA 200 launch! Also, SharkClips. No jiggery-pokery!

DNA 200D launches at midnight! We have confirmation that, barring some last-minute emergency, the Evolv DNA 200D will officially launch at midnight EST (12 am 6/27). You can still preorder here: Evolv DNA 200D (retail box) PREORDER Now live at: Evolv DNA ...
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Status 6/22: DNA 200 preorders LIVE!

Current XPV lead time Estimated lead time for XPV orders 4-6 business days from payment. As of this posting, we will no longer post the XPV lead time here but will post the respective lead times on the purchase pages ...
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Status 5/25: Evolv 1A charge board, Smok TCT, more new

Current XPV lead time Estimated lead time for XPV orders 4-6 business days from payment. New items! Added a few new items to stock, all of which are included in the HELLO2015 free domestic shipping special. Smoktech TCT Temperature Control ...
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DNA 200D now shipping! See Recent News for more information.