Evolv DNA 250C Color (retail box)

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DNA 250C


Evolv’s DNA 250C color board is yet another pinnacle in the advancement of vapor electronics. Featuring a full-color TFT screen, the DNA 250C allows extensive customizing of the mod UI, from screen backgrounds to color schemes to information elements. Most features of eScribe are available on-board. International firmware includes the revolutionary Replay function, able to intelligently capture and repeat a puff.

From the manufacturer:

400 Watt Variable Power Module with Temperature Protection, Replay, and USB

The DNA 250C is a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for personal vaporizers. It features Evolv’s patented Wattage Control, Temperature Protection, Replay, Preheat, full color TFT screen, On-The-Go USB, Reverse Polarity Protection, an onboard programmable multicolor LED, waterproof onboard buttons, and a real-time clock. Evolv’s EScribe software and Theme Designer software can be used to fully customize all aspects of the interface and monitor the user experience. The DNA 250C runs on two, three, or four series voltage from lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries, and features battery monitoring and an integrated 2A charger.


  • 200-400 watts max power
  • 160 x 80 pixel TFT screen
  • 10v max output
  • 4-button interface (Fire, up/down, select)
  • Onboard programmable function LED indicator
  • Two, three, or four li-ion cell (2S 7.4v, 3S 11.1v, 4S 14.8V) power
  • eScribe compatible (updated version required)
  • Retail box includes screen and 5-position (4S) XH JST battery tap connector
  • Datasheet available here: DNA250C Data Sheet March 2018

Escribe for DNA 250C can be found here.

Order screen cradle here.

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