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NOTE: XPV mods are built to order. Click for information on lead time.

Introducing the PROTOVAPOR XPV, a compact, high-performance e-liquid vaporizer based on the Evolv DNA variable wattage chipset. The XPV delivers advanced regulated power performance in a durable, clean package.

The driving principles behind the XPV’s design are performance, reliability and compactness. The result is a no-nonsense device that will kick out clouds of vapor with everything from a carto to a clearo to an RBA.


  • Evolv DNA-30D 30-watt advanced power regulated chipset.
  • Anodized aluminum casing for durability, reliability and solid feel.
  • Dimensions: 115mm x 24mm x 24mm
  • Internal battery:
    • LG 18650HG2 3000mah 20A rated battery (LG 18650HE4 2500mah 20A, Sony US18650VTC5 2600mah 30A, Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh 20A, AW 1600mAh 18650 24A optional)
    • Battery can be replaced by user at end-of-life.
  • Onboard Evolv micro-USB charger.
  • Low-profile 510 connector (sealed). Stainless body, delrin insulator, spring loaded pin.
  • Wide clicky tactile fire switch rated to more 10,000,000 actuations. No clunky horn switches here, this switch is used in NASA spacecraft! Smooth/silent optional (1,000,000 actuations rating).
  • 3-way wattage control switch for quick and precise one-handed adjustments, plus full access to all DNA 30D functions. No cheesy silver BB’s here.
  • PTC resettable fuse protection for the battery in addition to the DNA-30D’s onboard thermal and current protection.
  • Pocket clip (optional), a Protovapor exclusive feature that keeps the mod at the top of the pocket for quick access. For the option to remove the clip, you must add the Removable Clip Option.

A tremendous amount of time and effort was taken to ensure these mods would provide a worthy experience for demanding vapers. We cut out the BS, sourced quality components, spent countless hours on design and testing, and are proud to present this fine DNA mod.

XPV mods are covered by a 90 day warranty on workmanship. Internal components including the DNA-30D are covered for 1 year. Batteries are warrantied for DOA only.

Button color options:

Dk Grey Metallic, Lt Grey Metallic, Black, Dk Red Metallic, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Green, Mint
Dk Grey Metallic, Lt Grey Metallic, Black, Dk Red Metallic, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Green, Mint


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25 reviews for XPV DNA-30D

  1. Jordan (verified owner)

    Iv’e barely picked up any other mod since I got this. Iv’e wanted a DNA device for quite some time now and I’m glad I pulled the trigger on this one.

  2. quinn (verified owner)

    More like 4.75 stars if I could have put that. First I’ll say that I love this thing. It works and hits like a champ. The adjustment switch is great and very easy to use. The finish is awesome and the thing feels like its going to last FOREVER. All my other mods have been gathering dust since this came in the mail. My only issue is that the 510 connector gets pushed in very easily. Not to hard to fix by just taking out the 4 screws up top and pushing it back in place, however still annoying with a couple of my RDA’s that have a longer 510 pin. Great Product and well worth the money !!!

    • protovapor

      If you have this problem, you might try swapping to the orange o-ring insulator, assuming your unit came with the white insulator. The orange o-ring lets the pin ride a little higher and recovers from “push in” better. But be careful if you use it with any atomizers that have extremely long center pins, test that it does not come dislodged.

      You can also usually lift the pin from the top by gently wedging it up with a small screwdriver.

  3. Kory (verified owner)

    Haven’t picked up my other mods since this one was delivered. I’m so glad I grabbed it up before your guys’ backlog got too big.

  4. Ryan (verified owner)

    Just got my Protovapor dna30. WOW. So impressed. It actually came with instructions. It was packaged nicely with lots of cushion. Extra Parts. A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.
    I AM IN LOVE WITH PROTOVAPOR ! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. What a beastly device. I love it.
    My only tiny gripe though, c’mon guys put the red o-ring in there for us, we are not all expert mechanics, and I broke mine trying to figure it out, so, yeah maybe put it in the mod, it would make you guys look better, as there are now videos on Youtube about it. But other than that and no adjustable 510, you got a great device here.

    • protovapor

      We were shipping with the red o-ring for a while but we actually had more problems with doing it that way than the white insulator, long pin atomizers can actually pop that oring off. So we’re back to the white insulator. Shoot a support email and we’ll send you a replacement for the broken oring.

  5. Lee (verified owner)

    Excellent. Performs as advertised. Support is also excellent.

  6. violet (verified owner)

    First off i would just like to thank Protovapor for a excellent product and customer service is excellent this device is amazing almost perfect in every way except for 2 things that would make it more user friendly 1)no soldered battery would make alot off peoples life alot easier just to beable to pop battery out and put a new one in if needed 2) A floating pin that would be the best then you wouldnt have to take apart and replace o-ring and would fit almost every RDA,RBA etc other than that this product is excellent quality the feel everything about it just top notch well worth the wait so to those people that have to wait the 30 to 45 days dont worry it is well worth the wait if protovapor do the above 2 things to future models they will have perfected there mod.

  7. Steven (verified owner)

    This device is sweet. Lots of battery life and easy transport with the pocket clip. It gives me awesome flavor with all day battery life. Support was good with the o ring replacement. Sent me step by step instructions on the replacement of the O-ring. All of my other devices get pretty much no use anymore. Just Wow. Thanks Proto Vapor.

  8. Donald (verified owner)

    Thanks protovapor I’ve had my XPV now for a couple weeks and this thing is great! Your hard work and craftsmen ship has paid off. I have one suggestion and that is a floating 510 pin. But I appreciate the spare o ring you sent slapped that in and it works just fine. Vape on!

  9. Anthony (verified owner)

    If you are reading this and wondering if you should purchase the Protovapor XPV…. Purchase one now you will thank your self later. The mod is extremely well built, and you can tell the company takes pride in the mods they make. I doubt my Provari will get much use now, and I already want another XPV!

  10. Braxton (verified owner)

    WOW. This device is very very nice. I think above all else is the customer service. No joke—–best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I have had some issues with my kayfun and its long center pin causing the button to stick. I decided to email them to get some suggestions, and in under a minute(seriously), I got an email back. Did exactly what they said, and the button was fixed immediately. Customer Service is huge, and these guys have done it right. A++

  11. David (verified owner)

    The best vape I’ve ever had. My MVP 2 helped me quit smoking cigarettes, and the XPV DNA 30 has made it easier to stay off of them. The design and color (I got blue) is amazing, and the clip is something that you wouldn’t really think twice of with other mods, but it’s really handy. I can’t really do it justice in writing, you just have to try it. I will definitely be ordering a green one with a Sony battery when I get the chance, and hopefully the lead time will be lower. It’s a long waiting period, but it is definitely worth the wait.

  12. Joshua (verified owner)

    Sturdy, lightweight, great feel in the hand, and overall much smaller than I had expected it to be! This device is amazing and the build quality is just perfect. Well worth the wait. Fantastic job to the folks as Protovapor!

  13. Christopher (verified owner)

    I love my XPV 30! It is awsome! Thank you Protovapor for a great mod! A++

  14. Amanda (verified owner)

    Got a gold one with black trim. Came with the new vtc5 sony battery. Very light when compared to a mech mod. Has a nice feel to it. Super clicky button. No issues with it so far. Just get one and see for yourself.

  15. Lambert (verified owner)

    Loving it just one thing it says it vapes at .3 ohms mine only goes to .5 but either than that it’s still amazing thank you protovaor

  16. Jose (verified owner)

    Wow! This thing is great and smaller, lighter, than I expected. All you vapors out there looking for a great DNA 30 device, this is it!! It feels great in your hand and boy does it chuck vapor. I’m a very impatient person when I want something but this device, customer service, and shipping speed were worth the wait and I will be ordering another soon!! Thanks protovapor, for everything. A++++……

  17. Keith (verified owner)

    Just received my XPV in the mail about an hour ago and i tore thru the box and wrappings like it was Christmas.All of the hype surrounding this device is well deserved as this is a go to and out and about all day device.The MOD is not a large device nor a heavy device but does fit extremely well in hand.Mine came fully charged(as i am sure all are shipping fully charged)so you do not have to wait to be able to use the MOD.I have tried all of my RBA/RDA/RTA’s and they all fit fine with no problems.I say this about a lot of devices but,this is one MOD that everyone should have in there vape arsenal.The pocket clip does come in handy and so far does do the job just unclip from your belt,pocket or what ever for a vape and clip it back up without worrying that it will fall out of your pocket.I am in serious thought about buying two more of these,in different colors of course,as i do believe this will be my all day device.Go ahead buy one,or two,or three,you will not go wrong this is a very well constructed device,and this is coming just from my unboxing and first impressions of the XPV.

  18. Jason (verified owner)

    Let me start out by saying It took me a while to justify the price on this device and the lead time was also a bit daunting. After having owned it for a few weeks, they were both useless concerns. It is worth every penny and the time it takes to get it! Protovapor is an amazing company who puts out an excellent and unique product. I can not take it anywhere without people being awestruck and having to hold it and check it out. It always brings a complement or two. The button has a light throw but with a satisfying click, the threads of the 510 connection feel solid when screwing in my tank of choice and it has a freakin pocket clip! Whenever someone pays it a compliment they always mention the pocket clip. The XPV is very light but feels well constructed and solid in hand. The finish is also a thing of beauty on the blue one that I ordered it is beautiful. Since I received my XPV none of my other devices have been out of the house. It is truly an amazing mod. Not only are protovapor’s mods amazing but their customer service is also top notch. I had a slight issue when I first received it in that my tank sat crocked. (may not be a big deal to some but, I think many vapers, like myself are slightly ocd so it bugged me) I contacted support and through our correspondence was able to pull the pin ever so slightly and re position the insulator under the pin. Worked like a charm! If you are on the fence about this one like I was, just get it, you will be extremely glad you did!

  19. jacob (verified owner)

    Very impressed w/ my XPV. This is my 1st dna-30 mod and hopefully my last. Build quality is phenomenal. I love the form factor compared to the other box mods. Weight is perfect. Communication w/ protovapor was good as well. The only problem with this mod is waiting for it to arrive, ha. The lead times have come down since i’ve purchased mine which is good if you are considering this mod. American-made, with customer service that you aren’t going to find from a lot of these other vape companies. It’s a smart purchase. 10/10 would recommend

  20. Karen (verified owner)

    Love, love, love my XPV! The build quality is top-notch and the weight/size/design is perfect and so comfortable in the hand. I ordered an all-black matte model, with clicky button and no pocket protector. It’s perfect for me in both form and function. Protovapor customer service is the best ever. I had a few questions prior to ordering and no matter how insignificant the question, they answered immediately. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the product and the company. I’m happy with my investment and it is well worth the wait time! Thanks, Protovapor!

  21. Jarrod (verified owner)

    I have been using my XPV daily with a variety of builds from 0.8 to 2.2 ohms for well over a month and all I can say is, WHAT A MACHINE! Worth the wait and worth every cent. A true quality DNA30 device with 0 issues and no doubt of authenticity. Feels nice in ones hand rather than a box like so many other devices, button is a dream and casing is alot more resistant to scratching than I thought it would be. Overall 10/10 super happy and glad I came across Protovapor before buying the inferior alternative.

  22. Catharina (verified owner)

    Love the product and the smooth, non clicky button. Definitely worth the wait.
    It is one of my favorite mods right now.
    Just waiting for a DNA30 mini to come out:)

  23. Jake (verified owner)

    L’élégance de conception

    Well… it’s been a week with the XPV

    It was out of rotation for a couple of days when I got really annoyed with the R91s.
    But it’s back and I couldn’t be happier.

    This APV is so beautifully designed, balanced, and functional there is only one word: elegant.

    My other mods include:
    MVP V2
    VaporShark DNA
    VaporShark rDNA
    Red Sky Mods Cruiser
    Emit Vapor Shotgun

    The XPV is my favorite thus far, vapes wonderfully at higher wattages than the others, and is definitely my go to.

    It may be the design factors, perception, or a combination thereof but the XPV vapes the best for me.

    I have another one on order

  24. David (verified owner)

    Been using my XPV for about 4 months and it’s been great. It’s well made and good looking. I like the light weight and the form factor is easy to hold and comfortable. The belt clip is a great idea. I can clip it to my pocket by feel. This is my first DNA PV and it has not disappointed. I have a KFL with a 1.3 ohm coil set to 21 watts and the battery goes 16 plus hours with no trouble. One minor issue when the DNA started showing zeros for the ohms was fixed by unplugging the battery to reset the board. I’ve had no other problems with my XPV. I’m very happy with it. I searched for a long time looking for a DNA PV that caught my attention and the XPV was the one that did. Thanks for a great PV and I hope Protovapor prospers.

  25. Timothy (verified owner)

    This is my first DNA-30 device. I have been using MVP’s but wanted to try some RDA/RTA’s. Well let me tell ya this device is well made and the form factor is perfect! Its smaller than I thought it would be. The black matte finish is flawless. The usb charge port looks good and is rock solid. The 510 connection is spring loaded so I had no problems with any atty I put on. Currently using a Squape (R) with a 1.4 ohm coil at 19 watts. Over all the XPV is a great device and for me money well spent.

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