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Protovapor is proud to offer Evolv’s new mod device! From the manufacturer:

Reflex is the only e-cigarette to respond to the user just like a cigarette.  Draw harder and it immediately gets more intense, draw softer and it backs off that’s why Reflex won’t make you cough.  No more you get what you get and if you don’t like it too bad.  Reflex is a cigarette replacement, plain and simple.  Tired of staring at your pack of cigarettes and wishing that something else worked.  This one does.

  • Reflex has 3 settings that match ultralight, light, or full flavor cigarettes
  • No burnt taste, ever.  Pods last much longer than typical pod systems.
  • Individually tested pods guarantee consistency
  • Charges with any micro USB charger
  • Designed and assembled in the USA from global components

Additional information and specifications available at Evolv’s website: Click here.

The Reflex is Escribe compatible, but you must use the latest version: Click here.

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Weight 5 oz

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