ModFoot bases for XPV




ModFeet ABCD

ModFeet are bases that increase the stability of XPV mods when placed on desktops or flat surfaces. They are available in 2 options:

  • ModFoot 3-pack. Includes three different sized bases. 28mm (A), 30mm (B), and 32mm (C) bases are included. These are intended to remain pocketable while sttacked.
  • BigFoot. 36mm base (D), intended to provide additional stability at the expense of portability.

All feet are available in black or grey/alumide. Bases A-C are attached by removing the bottom plate of the XPV mod and placing the base between the bottom plate and charge board mount. Base D goes below the bottom plate. ModFoot orders come with four 10mm screws to replace the existing bottom plate screws.


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