Protovapor Ni200 Nickel 510 Cartomizers CLOSEOUT!

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Cartomizers are what many vapers experienced their first successful vaping on, but they have always suffered from certain reliability and longevity issues. Many of these issues can be addressed by temperature control afforded by Ni200 coils, such as:

  • Burning during priming due to firing before saturation
  • Burning on juice wicking failure
  • Burning from excessive power

Current models available:

  • Type A: Approx. 0.27 ohm Ni200 single coil, XL size. Stainless tube, 45mm.
  • Type B: Approx. 0.38 ohm Ni200 single coil, XL size. Stainless tube, 45mm.

Available feed options:

  • Normal carto/no feed. Also for self-punching. 5 pcs/pack
  • 2x 1mm feed holes.  5 pcs/pack
  • 1x 2.3mm feed hole.  5 pcs/pack
  • 2x 2.5mm feed holes.  5 pcs/pack
  • Variety pack, 1 of each feed. 4pcs/set

The feed options are in general order of feed volume, intended to work with thinner or thicker juices.


  • Manufactured by renowned cartomizer maker Boge
  • Cartomizers use very small coils and generally run at higher temperatures. Temperature settings may be higher than with other larger-coil atomizer types.
  • Thorough priming and good feed are required for best performance.
  • During priming, consider using a lower temperature (perhaps under 400F) to ensure saturation before applying full power.
  • Warranty is for DOA only (no continuity).
  • We are the exclusive worldwide distributors of these cartomizers. Please Contact Us for wholesale inquiries.

2 reviews for Protovapor Ni200 Nickel 510 Cartomizers CLOSEOUT!

  1. John (verified owner)


    1. Looks like a carto.
    2. Smells like a carto.
    3. Tastes like a carto.
    4. Has ni200 in it so I can use it on my sx mini m in TC.


    1. Wicking material is unfit for anything above 50VG. I got the .27 ohm carto’s with the 2.5 mm holes and primed them the same I always have. I immediately started getting dry hits after the initial priming juice was gone. I would even go so far as to say that the wicking material is “non-absorbent”.
    2. One arrived DOA which I was hoping wouldn’t happen. I was hoping in 2015 boge would have it together.
    3. Polyfill taste is strong. I was also hoping they would have used a more modern wicking material.
    4. Even running these at low temp, I am burning the polyfill. I was running these at 7 joules at 400. Taking long draws and slowly stepping up the temp. No matter what temp I tried, the polyfill burns. Sort of takes the wind out of my sails since I was hoping I could have the carto experience without all the negatives of the carto experience.

    Hopefully somebody else can pick this idea up and make it right.

    All in all, it was a blast from the past (good and bad included)

    • protovapor

      Cartos really work the temperature control capabilities of a board, and unfortunately expose the shortcomings of Yihi’s implementations. Evolv’s implementations work a lot better when leaned on. Send support an email and we’ll get the DOA replaced.

      EDIT: The above said, we did test on our SX350J box and did not experience burning.

  2. matt (verified owner)

    These have been flawless for me. I’m running them at around 12-13 Joules on a SX330V3SK chip with the firmware update.

    I got the un-punched ones and did the punch myself with the old handy dandy carto puncher from deep down in the way back of my vape stuff graveyard. I also used the condom fill method after punching to prime it. here is a video of how to do that if you need.

    I never though I would pull out the old carto tanks but this carto brought them back to life.

    Flavor: About what you would expect from a regular carto. Seems around standard that the first half a tank will have that “cartoness” to it but it fades just like a regular boge. only bad hit I have had was from bumping the Joules up past 30 but that is more a flaw in the IPV not having a proper control lock. to much of that on a regular carto and it would be trashed, but with temp control gives you a bit of a safety net with the bonus of temp control battery life.

    Only con I would say is it is only available in XL size, but that is really just nitpicking. You can use it in a standard tank and just have a few mm poking out of the top and not the flush look. But you can pick up a XL size carto tank for cheap now days.

    If you have the newer hardware but miss the simplicity of a carto tank these are for you. Definitely now my go to for out and about/work tank when you do not want to mess with a RTA .

    I liked these so much I picked up 5 more packs.

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