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The End is near

The PACT Act means the end of the line for Protovapor. As with many small mail-order companies, not being able to ship directly to customers, and in our case especially via USPS, ends our main business. When we are out of stock on the current vaping-specific items such as mods, boards, and certain accessories, we will not restock. When we have fully liquidated, we will go dormant indefinitely.

We have a good deal of dead stock and parts for product lines that have been discontinued, such as the original XPV 20 to 40 lines, the XPV 200/200 XC, the XPV 75/250, etc. Much of this will be going in the trash; if you are interested in any of it for whatever reason, let us know. We’ll listen to offers on live stock as well.

It has been quite a ride since 2013 when vaping was new and full of promise. We cannot thank you enough for your support through the years.

In 2021 things seem bleak, but who knows. The science is there, hopefully one day it will catch up and so-called Public Health will realize the terrible mistake they have made.