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The End is near

The PACT Act means the end of the line for Protovapor. As with many small mail-order companies, not being able to ship directly to customers, and in our case especially via USPS, ends our main business. When we are out of stock on the current vaping-specific items such as mods, boards, and certain accessories, we will not restock. When we have fully liquidated, we will go dormant indefinitely.

We have a good deal of dead stock and parts for product lines that have been discontinued, such as the original XPV 20 to 40 lines, the XPV 200/200 XC, the XPV 75/250, etc. Much of this will be going in the trash; if you are interested in any of it for whatever reason, let us know. We’ll listen to offers on live stock as well.

It has been quite a ride since 2013 when vaping was new and full of promise. We cannot thank you enough for your support through the years.

In 2021 things seem bleak, but who knows. The science is there, hopefully one day it will catch up and so-called Public Health will realize the terrible mistake they have made.
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Introducing the XPV DNA-75C!

The XPV DNA-75C is official!

We are proud to announce the latest Protovapor mod, the XPV DNA-75C! It is a super compact, removable battery aluminum body device and it is available as a complete mod, a DIY kit, and a bare case. Order yours today!



XPV DNA-75C case

Shipping advisory

Protovapor’s office will be closed from Oct. 6 to Oct. 14. Any orders placed during this time will be shipped starting Oct. 15. Due to this shipping delay, while we are out of office, the coupon ML2018 can be used for 10% off your whole cart.

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Site reorganization

We are easing into a fairly major update of our website, including an upcoming redesign. That is a ways off, but for now we are changing the news posting procedures. We will now post individual new products, product features, sale announcements and other announcements in separate articles. This will allow a more timely posting of information as well as a more easily searchable article database. Things may change back and forth as we tinker with styles and ideas, and we thank you for your patience as well as your ongoing support!

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Status 6/13: A SALE and the DNA 60 small screen (finally!)

Shop advisory

We at Protovapor are unfortunately in the process of dealing with another family emergency and it is expected to affect production lead times several days at least. Regular stock item shipping will go on as normal. Please contact us for current lead times for items you have ordered or would like to order.

2017 has been an difficult year so far, but we are committed to soldiering on. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Summer sale

Take a cool 10% off your purchase a summer heats up with the code SUMMER17! Includes closeouts and all categories! This code will run through July 15.

DNA 60 small screen launch!

Evolv has now released the DNA 60 small screen, similar to the DNA 20/30/40 boards that use the original compact screen. As of this posting, all DNA 60 small screen boards will be flashed with small-screen firmware by Protovapor.

Evolv DNA 60 small screen (retail box)


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Status 4/25: Order DNA 75 COLOR now! Tax Relief sale!

DNA 75 Color available for order!

In stock and shipping now!¬†Evolv has released its latest board, and it’s the most advanced yet! The Evolv DNA 75 Color¬†adds a color screen with an extensive set of tools to modify the entire UI of the device. ¬†Basic functionality is similar to the regular DNA 75, but the Color has added an extended voltage range to handle a wider array of coil specifications. Evolv’s goal was to make most, if not all, eScribe functions available on-board and they have achieved this goal.

Please note as with all launches, the initial shipping date can be a bit of a moving target.

Evolv DNA 75 Color

April Tax Relief sale

So you’ve done your taxes, what a relief! We’d like to do our part to help you reward yourself with a¬†sale. This sale is progressive, like our tax system, except think of it as a reverse tax — the more you spend, the greater the percentage you save! Use the codes below based on total order amount for the according discount:

  • REVTAX5 –¬†5% off total order
  • REVTAX10¬†-10% off total order above $50
  • REVTAX15¬†– 15% off total order above $150
  • REVTAX20¬†– 20% off total order above $300

Closeouts are NOT excluded from this promotion! This sale will run through the end of April. Extended! This sale will continue through May 17.

Future production plans

We have greatly expanded our in-house CNC machining capability over the past few months. This has led unfortunately to some production delays but we continue to work hard to develop faster and smoother processes. Future planned products include additional DIY faceplate and case options, as well as new mods, supporting the new DNA Color board.

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Status 3/21: March sale!

A Sale!

Spring has sprung so let’s have a sale. Coupon code¬†MARCH17 gets you 15% off your order (excl. closeouts). This sale will run through the end of March. At the moment we are stocked on all DNA boards but we are closing out the following boards: DNA 25, DNA 40 all types, DNA 200. These have been superseded by the later model versions and sales are tapering off. If you use any of these specific boards and foresee an ongoing need, please let us know.

Move update

We are fully moved into our new location, however we are still setting up our new production procedures so delays of up to a few days on shop jobs (mod builds, etc.) are ongoing. Message us if we’re late on any job you have with us, and we can give an update.

Production of the XPV 75 is fully live, the XPV 60 and XPV 250 should be going live soon. We apologize for the long delay on these units.

Join us on Facebook

We have finally established a Facebook page, we highly encourage following us there. Status updates and product posts tend to hit there first as it is easier to put a quick post there.

Protovapor Facebook Page

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Advisory 1/31: Moving delay

Protovapor is in the middle of a location move necessitated by the sudden loss of our colocation partner. The process has been very unpredictable up to this point but we now know we will be losing several shop work days due to the move. All jobs requiring shop work (primarily mod builds and repairs) will be delayed several days while we complete the move. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Shipping of stocked items is not expected to be delayed and will continue normally.

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Status 1/16: New Year sale, new products, updates

New Year sale!

SALE!Let’s kick off 2017 with a sale! Use the code HELLO2017 for 17% off orders of $50 or more (excl. closeout items and tools/machinery). We here at Protovapor thank you for your support over the years and look forward to continuing to provide you great products and services¬†in the new year.

XPV DNA-75 official launch

XPV DNA-75D Black/Black iceWe are proud to officially launch our Second generation XPV products with the XPV DNA-75. These are billet mods featuring a variety of accent materials. We continue to work on releasing our other 2nd generation XPV models, and are currently looking at a 2-3 week release window.


DNA 60 full availability

The Evolv DNA 60 is now fully launched and available from Protovapor. We are currently fully stocked and shipping on DNA products! We have also restocked the bulletproof Evolv 510 connector and DNA200/250 compatible Fullymax 3S 900mah battery.

Evolv DNA 60

Shipping software update

We recently upgraded our shipping software which now allows us to offer International First Class shipping to select countries as well as lower rates to Canada. Also, the Free US Shipping option at $50 no longer requires a coupon to be entered.

New products

A few new products added:

Evolv 1A micro-USB data/charging board for DNA 60

Glass dropper bottles for DIY liquids



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Status 11/28: Cyber Week continues, shipping notice

Protovapor Out of Office Sale 20% off, shipping resumes 12/2

SALE!Protovapor is out of office until 12/2. Shipping will resume at that time, and all lead times for orders made before 12/2 are considered to start on 12/2. We continue Cyber Week with a 20% off sale on all products sitewide (except closeout items)! Use the coupon code TWENTY16, good through 12/2. Stackable with the FREESHIP coupon of course.

Last status update’s items, in case you missed them, and updated with latest info:

DNA 60 release imminent!

DNA 60We are expecting production DNA60s to arrive this week and begin shipping 12/20 (UPDATED). These are production boards with rails and include the charger/data board. Full Evolv warranty and Protovapor service apply. We do not know at this time how many boards will be available, but will work to fulfill orders in the order in which they are placed as soon as we can!

Update 12/7: We are receiving our first shipment of DNA60s, unfortunately it is a very small number and supply from Evolv is VERY sparse. We will ship what we have as soon as we get it. We expect our next shipment on or around 12/20 at this time.

Glaive variations now available

Glaive Spinner OptionsLower-cost options are now available for the Glaive spinner, including solid brass and aluminum versions. Get yours today!