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Status 9/16: XPV sale! No lead time!

Current lead time

Current estimated lead time for XPV orders 1-3 business days from payment. As of this posting, effectively, the lead time is eliminated; this is the lowest it will be. Since mods are still made to order, we have a small window built in to accommodate surges in ordering. If the window starts growing again, we will throttle sales to make sure lead time remains here. You order it, we make it, you get it.

Sale price on XPVs!

SALE!To kick off Q4, we have put all XPV products on sale for $189.99. We would like to start Q4 off on the right foot as we look to bring future products to market.

Matte black delayed

Unfortunately, our case supplier has made a couple of errors and we have not yet received our matte black shipment. We estimate earliest arrival early next week. As before, if you would like to order another color and wait for matte black, we can make arrangements. Just contact us.

Sony VTC5 option suspended

As mentioned in the previous status, Sony VTC5 batteries have become very difficult to get and quite expensive. Given that we have what we consider two alternative batteries that perform equivalently in the the current XPV application, we have suspended the Sony VTC5 battery option indefinitely. The Samsung INR18650-25R and LG ICR18650HE2 are the two recommended batteries for the XPV DNA30.