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Status 10/9: Black is back

Current lead time

Current estimated lead time for XPV orders 1-3 business days from payment. Effectively, the lead time is eliminated; this is the lowest it will be. Since mods are still made to order, we have a small window built in to accommodate surges in ordering. If the window starts growing again, we will throttle sales to make sure lead time remains here.

Matte black cases restocked

We have finally received our shipment of matte black cases. They are back in stock and available.

Better 510 upgrades

We have come into a number of matte black case halves which allow us to do the 510 upgrades without the thick top spacers. For a limited time, any 510 upgrade ordered for shop installation can be done with these case halves at no extra charge. For black cases it is automatic, and it can be requested for any other color of case. We also have a limited number of slight blemish case halves in grey, ice blue, red, gold and green, which can also be requested in a shop 510 upgrade. Yes, two-tone cases!


Things are going to get real interesting around here soon. Stay tuned.