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Relaunch! Status 2/20 and going forward

Things are going smoothly enough with our soft relaunch that we’re just going to consider things officially relaunched as of today. Thanks everyone for your interest and support!

Updated lead times

Here is the current lead time status on orders, based on situation:

  • Orders that were ordered on the old site using the form, that have been paid before the relaunch: 1-4 business days from today.
  • Orders that were ordered on the old site using the form, that have been paid via the new payment gateway: 5-7 business days from payment.
  • Orders that were ordered and paid entirely on the new site via the new payment gateway: 7-14 business days from payment.

The situation with the transaction and shipping delays has unquestionably set us back, right at a time that additional publicity has caused a spike in orders. So these numbers are optimistic, and we are working hard to get a handle on the changing dynamics.

New payment system

As mentioned we now take orders and payments directly via this site. We are currently in the process of fine tuning our payment acceptance settings. Please make sure you enter your address and postal code accurately. If you encounter a payment decline, especially an AVS error, please submit a support request and we will work with you via email to get it resolved.

IMPORTANT: If you get a decline, do not keep trying to process the transaction! Each attempt marks some of your credit as pending, and this could eat up your credit line. If this does occur, you may be able to call your card issuer to have those pending transactions cleared. Otherwise they should clear by themselves within 24 hours.

Paying for previously placed orders

If you submitted an order form from the previous website order page, go to the Shop link, re-submit the order and pay using the new system. Upon successful processing, we will place your order in the build queue based on the date of your original order form submission. You can make any changes to the order you like, we will prioritize the submission via the new site. If there is a large change, e.g. XPV to XPV Mini, we may email you to confirm.

Latest XPV news

We are now shipping the XPV full-size mod with the DNA-30D and DNA-20D boards. The pricing has been adjusted to account for higher processing fees and in the case of the 30D mods, some additional and upgraded components, which are required to support the watt-lock feature and the higher amp draw from the battery.

  •  The DNA-30D model ships with a Sony US18650VTC4 30A rated, 2100 mAh battery, with the AW 1600 mAh available as an option. We will not be shipping it with the Panasonic battery, as that battery gets stressed a little too much by the 30w board near the top end.
  • The “removable/both” pocket clip option is now listed as a separate item, so if you want to get both the clip and the non-clip spacer with your mod, you must add that item (one per mod you want it for) to your purchase.
  • The 510 connector is now standard with all mods. However we can still do a native Ego connection, if you would like that, please specify in the notes field when you make payment.
  • Case colors available are currently black and silver for the XPV full size, and black, silver and grey for the XPV Mini. We are intending to restock on blue– and add other colors — but this is a minimum 3-4 weeks out.
  • We have small quantities of left-handed screen bezels. So if you are left-handed or want your screen flipped to read properly in the left hand, you can request a screen bezel with wording properly left-oriented. Please specify that in the notes when you purchase.
  • We have added a few more button colors, see full range below.

    Dk Grey Metallic, Lt Grey Metallic, Black, Dk Red Metallic, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Green, Mint
    Dk Grey Metallic, Lt Grey Metallic, Black, Dk Red Metallic, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Green, Mint

Shipping information

Shipping is now calculated automatically via the cart software. Please verify that it is reflecting the correct options, USPS Priority and express for US purchases, and Intl Priority and express for overseas purchases. To force the shipping options to refresh, you can use the shipping calculator at the bottom of the Cart page.

Let us know if shipping proves flaky and does not work properly.

Site participation

When you place an order, you are signed up for an account on We encourage user comments and reviews (and hopefully won’t regret that!) Existing owners can contact us for an account.

That’s it for now, thanks for your ongoing patience and indulgence.

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Soft launch …

In order to test the new software and payment processing, the site is open for now without announcement. It might go back down at any time though, before we finally open it for good. So whoever stumbles by gets to be a guinea pig. If you have already submitted an order via the old site (EDIT: And have not yet paid), go ahead and make the order and payment through this site. Just write in the note: PREVIOUSLY ORDERED.

If you notice any errors or weirdness during the process, please let us know through the Contact Us form.

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Shipping status 1/31 – Argh

Every single parts shipment we are waiting for — yes, including DNA 30s — is delayed for some reason or another. Weather maybe? As a result we have accrued a backlog and are currently shipping on the long end of estimates. We apologize for this and appreciate your patience. Estimated lead time remains 3-7 business days.

A little about our plans going forward:
– Blue cases are currently sold out. They were popular, so we will probably be adding them as a full-time offering.
– We are on track to announce the DNA 30 option next week. Exactly when in the week depends on when the shipments arrive. Lead times continue to apply.
– We will continue to offer the DNA 20 after the release of the DNA 30. From our testing the DNA 20 is the slightly more desirable option for people who will not be using the 20-30 watt power range. The voltage range is effectively wider on the DNA 20, allowing some additional control at the lower end.
– We will be initially be shipping the DNA 30 with the Sony US18650VTC4 30A 2100mah battery (AW 18650 1600mah 24A as an option). We will add the LG ICR18650HE2 20A 2500mah later when availability improves. We will not offer the 10A cells with the DNA 30.
– The DNA 30 will be an added-cost option. There are additional and more costly parts needed to support the higher output and additional functionality (the watt lock will be supported).
– We will offer a DNA 30 upgrade path. However keep in mind this entails largely rebuilding the mod and pricing will be commensurate.
– We are in the process of redesigning the site and, more importantly, moving to a different payment processor. This new processor will allow us to finally run proper cart software and offer additional items. Unfortunately the new processor also costs more than what we have been using.

Thanks for your support so far!

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Shipping status 1/23

Current lead time: 3-7 days.

A few parts suppliers have been flaky lately, so we’re bumping up the lead time window. Hopefully we do not need to use the full 7 days but we want to make sure buyers are aware.

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Shipping status 1/15, DNA 30D

Current lead time: 3-5 business days

We do plan to offer the DNA 30D in our full-size XPV models. At this time ETA is roughly 2 weeks. We are not rushing it to market, and will spend some time testing to make sure we can continue to stand behind our product.

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Thank you for your support!

We would like to thank everyone who has visited this site and particularly those of you who have inquired about, promoted and especially purchased Protovapor’s XPV mods!

Note: For anyone who has contacted us and not heard back within 48 hours, please try contacting us again. We had some issues with the Contact form and receiving some emails. Growing pains, etc.

Shortly we will start posting more site content such as service advisories and information, more products, and blog posts on vaping in general. Stay tuned!