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Shipping status 1/31 – Argh

Every single parts shipment we are waiting for — yes, including DNA 30s — is delayed for some reason or another. Weather maybe? As a result we have accrued a backlog and are currently shipping on the long end of estimates. We apologize for this and appreciate your patience. Estimated lead time remains 3-7 business days.

A little about our plans going forward:
– Blue cases are currently sold out. They were popular, so we will probably be adding them as a full-time offering.
– We are on track to announce the DNA 30 option next week. Exactly when in the week depends on when the shipments arrive. Lead times continue to apply.
– We will continue to offer the DNA 20 after the release of the DNA 30. From our testing the DNA 20 is the slightly more desirable option for people who will not be using the 20-30 watt power range. The voltage range is effectively wider on the DNA 20, allowing some additional control at the lower end.
– We will be initially be shipping the DNA 30 with the Sony US18650VTC4 30A 2100mah battery (AW 18650 1600mah 24A as an option). We will add the LG ICR18650HE2 20A 2500mah later when availability improves. We will not offer the 10A cells with the DNA 30.
– The DNA 30 will be an added-cost option. There are additional and more costly parts needed to support the higher output and additional functionality (the watt lock will be supported).
– We will offer a DNA 30 upgrade path. However keep in mind this entails largely rebuilding the mod and pricing will be commensurate.
– We are in the process of redesigning the site and, more importantly, moving to a different payment processor. This new processor will allow us to finally run proper cart software and offer additional items. Unfortunately the new processor also costs more than what we have been using.

Thanks for your support so far!