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Status 3/10: Ongoing ordering policy

Current estimated lead time

30-35 business days from payment

Ongoing ordering plans

We have decided to keep ordering ongoing regardless of how long the lead time gets, and simply report the estimated lead time as accurately as we can. We have decided this because of potential upcoming legislation in our state that could apply a large excise tax to future orders. Orders already paid for represent completed purchases, so the pricing would be locked in.

This means that lead time is likely to get longer and longer, possibly into what we could consider excessive numbers. But doing things this way will mean that, should legislation hit us hard, we will be able to continue operating for some time should demand drop precipitously.

Should the legislation fail, or settle upon a level of regulation that should not threaten our future demand, we will likely shut down ordering for a time to catch up on orders and reduce the lead time.

Colors update

We have put black, blue, and grey cases back up as options for purchase for full-size XPVs. Grey cases are back as an option for minis. If you have a mod currently on order, you can change the color one time within the next 48 hours. Please use the Support form and include your Order number on the request. We have a small number of red and green cases coming but we cannot put them up for sale until we have them in hand and see whether they will stand up to our build process.

Introductory sale ends :/

All good things must come to an end, and after a rather extended introductory period, the introductory sale is over. Thanks to all early adopters for your patronage and support!