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Status 3/6: Status inquiries, again

Current estimated lead time

21-28 business days from payment

Status inquiries

The post from a few days back needs to be reiterated: please do not send status inquiries before 48 hours after the end of the lead time window that was in place at the time you ordered your mod. We are literally working night and day to get through the demand surge from the new site opening, and the time it takes to research and respond to inquiries eats into production time.

We do not have any news about the production of mods other than what we post, and the specifics of your mod’s production are not known until it’s just about ready to produce, at which time it will be done and shipped within 24-48 hours. Shipping deadlines are often tight, so an unnecessary inquiry could easily cause a package to miss the shipping cutoff.

In the end, it’s not fair to others waiting in line when status inquiries take up production time. So please keep inquiries to after the 48-hour period.

Supporting the fight against anti-vaping legislation

Several people have inquired about ways they could help support us in the fight against anti-vaping legislation. We will post information on how to submit testimony when the time comes. We really appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “Status 3/6: Status inquiries, again

  1. I deal w / ‘the public’ as well.
    Managing customer expectations concerning lead times is a tricky balancing act at best, even tougher given the nature of the vaping community.
    The one commonality in the vaping world … is impatience.

    You’re doing fine communicating, thats all that can be reasonably expected, emphasis on reasonable.

  2. I agree, communication is Key. If people e-mail you, answer them. A reputation of bad communication can be destructive to a company. The whole “wait till you make the mod” is kind of dumb though, you should do like other companies do, and let people know when items are in stock, instead of this frustrating 1-or 2 month waiting game. Nobody likes that. Also my last point, you are dealing with nicotine, and ex-smokers, and current smokers. We are crabby moody people sometimes, when dealing with our Nicotine replacement products. And we get jerked around a lot by others, so keep these things in mind. 🙂

    1. We answer all inquiries by policy, even if it’s only to reiterate information that has been repeatedly posted, or to say there is no information available. The lead time policy rationale is explained here: Status 3/10: Ongoing ordering policy

      In a perfect situation we’d have a shorter lead time, and we plan to shorten it once we get clarity on future legislation.

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