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Status 3/5: Colors, anti-vaping legislation

Current lead time

Estimated lead time for new XPV orders is 21-28 business days from date of payment. Production is running normally.

Update on colors

We have reordered cases in colors. We should be adding them back into stock at some point over the next week.

LG batteries now available

LG 18650HE2 2500mAh batteries are now available as an option on all full-size XPV mods.

Order volume

We are experiencing high interest in the XPV mods. For now we have decided, rather than shutting down ordering, to allow ongoing ordering and keep updating lead time. However this could change in the future depending on just how high volume stays. We are sensitive to wait times vs. purchasing availability, and will continue to re-evaluate and adjust into the future.

Anti-vaping legislation

Like in many jurisdictions around the nation, vaping in Hawaii is under major attack. There were several bills in the legislature, the last one standing is SB2495, which is a comprehensive, extremely damaging bill, that regulates ecigarettes as tobacco and forces vaping businesses to become tobacco businesses. It imposes an unspecified tax on businesses as well. This bill threatens to destroy the local industry and will likely put us out of business.

As a result, we are spending a good amount of time trying to fight this legislation, which is using up some of our valuable time resources that we should be using to do our regular business operations. We apologize for any ongoing delays this may cause, however we feel we must spend this time as this legislation threatens our very existence.

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  1. Is there anything your out of state customers can do, to help you fight this legislation?

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