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Status 2/28: Status requests, LG batteries, colors

Current lead time

Estimated lead time for new XPV orders is 14-21 business days from date of payment. Production is running normally.

Status inquiries

Please try not to send status inquiries. When an XPV order is placed, the lead time most recently posted applies. Please make note of this lead time at the time you place the order. Also please note this timeframe is an estimate; we do not and cannot provide a specific shipping date. We ask that you refrain from submitting status inquiries until at least 48 hours past the end of your lead time window. Generally if we fall behind we will announce it via a Site News post, otherwise you can assume that your mod will most likely ship during that window. A shipping notification is sent and the order is updated here on the site when shipment goes out.

There is really no other news to report during the lead time period, so status inquiries usually only receive a reiteration of the lead time. But as we are a small operation, the time it takes to research a specific inquiry does cut into production time and delays production for everyone. So we ask that you remain patient.

Credit card holds

When you initiate a credit card transaction, your issuing bank puts a temporary hold on the amount of the transaction. This amount is held for a period of time even if the transaction fails, then it automatically clears. You may be able to contact your bank to have that hold cleared if you need immediate access to the held amount. There is nothing we can do on our end to clear that hold, it is your bank that is holding it.

LG batteries available soon now available!

LG 18650HE2

Edit 3/3: LG 18650HE2 2500mAh 20A batteries are now available in all full-size DNA mods! We expect to have LG ICR18650HE2 2500Ah 20A batteries available early next week. If you have a mod on order and have not yet received a shipping notification, you can opt for the LG battery. Just send us a message via the Contact Us form, and include your order number in the subject. These will be available for both DNA 20D and DNA 30D versions of the full size XPV.

 Case colors!

We will be getting more case color options in about 3-4 weeks. We are restocking blue, and adding gold, red, and possibly green. At this time we do not have plans to do a preorder, however if you are interested in preordering, send us a message so we can gauge interest. If enough people are interested we will set up a preorder. Also, if you are still in the queue when the colors become available, you will have the option to pick a color at that time.

As always we appreciate your support and patience. We are working very hard to provide you with the best products we can, and it’s rewarding to see people enjoy them.

Black cases note

Late edit: As of right now, all black cases on hand have been ordered. However cases should be restocked in within the lead time period. We will be updating the stock shortly but we want to make the situation known.

9 thoughts on “Status 2/28: Status requests, LG batteries, colors

  1. If I put in my order already does that mean that I got one of the black cases? Or does that mean that I will be part of the group that will have to wait 3-4 weeks?

    1. Yes you did order based on a case in hand. We are also reordering cases, which should get here during the current lead time period, so there should be no break in availability. Once we confirm our reorder’s timeline, we will put cases back in stock.

      1. Thanks so much for the reply! Have I mentioned already how much I love your customer service? I haven’t felt this good about buying a mod in a long long time. Thanks again!

  2. I ordered mine before this post was made. That would mean I’m still in the 10-20 day lead time, right? I’d be pretty bummed if I had to wait any longer than I already thought I was gonna have to 😛

    1. Everyone who ordered a black case as of right now has ordered based on cases we have in hand.

      Regardless, we do not foresee a break in availability in the future either, and we will not make them available again until we can achieve that. So no, no delays. Starting to think maybe we shouldn’t have mentioned it at all, heh!

      1. Haha, sorry to bug you, and thanks for the zippy reply! I’m just pretty pumped that I’ll actually be getting a DNA30 device 🙂

  3. Hey there,

    I ordered mine this morning (order 349), and now I am all sorts of confused about lead time and wait time and all this other stuff people are asking? Can you help me figure this out?


    1. What you ordered is what you’ll get, and the lead time is how long it will take. That’s all there really is to it.

      1. Ohhhh ok. Thanks!

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