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Shipping status 2/22

Updated lead times

Here are the current lead time estimates on orders, based on situation:

  • Orders that were ordered on the old site using the form, that have been paid via the new payment gateway: 5-7 business days from payment.
  • Orders that are ordered and paid entirely on the new site via the new payment gateway: 10-20 business days from payment.

Lead time changes apply to orders going forward. There was a pretty huge spike of orders with the launch of the new site, which we believe is a clearing of a demand backlog, rather than an ongoing increase in daily demand. Hopefully we will not continue to see ever-lengthening lead times, and they will reduce as we work through this initial order boom. If it appears as though lead times will get longer again, we will likely begin some method of throttling the ordering rate in order to keep lead times reasonable.

Weekly operation

In order to set the expectation of responsiveness and support, please keep the following in mind. Our business week is Monday through Friday, so these would be our business days mentioned in the lead time estimates. Generally we respond to inquiries between late Monday and late Friday HST.