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Status 4/6: Vape the rainbow

Current estimated lead time

35-40 business days from payment. See the FAQ for details on how the lead time works.

Restocked, new colors

Black, Grey, Blue, Gold, Red, Green
From left: Black, Grey, Blue, Gold, Red, Green

We have restocked existing colors and have added 3 new colors to the lineup: gold, green and red. Right now quantities are limited as we gauge response. People with existing orders that have not received shipping notices can submit a support request to change colors; please try to do that within the next 48 hours as it will help greatly with stock management. Changes are subject to availability.

The new blue

New Blue vs Old Blue
New blue (left) vs old blue

We have restocked with a larger quantity of blue based on previous response, however the new blue is a slightly different color from the original. While the original was more teal/aqua, the new is more a royal blue. It is a very handsome color, but the aqua button no longer really matches it. We are looking into a few new blue button options, but just be aware for the time being. If you ordered aqua/blue and want to change, send a support request.

Sony VTC5 batteries

We are expecting to get a shipment of Sony US18650VTC5 2600 mAh 30A batteries sometime this coming week. At that time, we will switch all production from VTC4 batteries to VTC5. All orders with Sony batteries specified will be changed to the VTC5 battery automatically. You do not need to request this.

19 thoughts on “Status 4/6: Vape the rainbow

  1. Thats great news about the vtc5’s can’t wait
    thanks gang great work

  2. Awesome,absolutely awesome.The new VTC5 Sony’s being added in is excellent and we do not have to reply to get them bumped up to the newer battery.Thanks,saved me some time and money ordering and changing out batts myself.

  3. I knew my “research” on the different DNA 30 mods would pay off! Thanks for the auto upgrade!
    BTW im tired of changing out batteries in my mech every hour! I can hardly wait!

  4. Wow, nice additions in the colors. Already submitted request to change to that nice loking green case…..

  5. this is kick ass!

  6. Awesome! Love the new blue! I know it is a long wait but super excited already.

  7. Just sent in a request for a color change, hope I’m not too late. New awesome colors and vtc5’s = happy happy happy.

  8. Just ordered two! Happy camper! And with VTC5’s now! YES

  9. Just ordered today cant wait :p does anyone have idea if we do the express shipping then how much time does it take ?

    1. Express shipping refers only to the USPS method used to ship the mod, so within the US 2 days, worldwide about a week.

      1. Oh so it would take abt week cause i ordered from australia 🙂 means hopefully i would get it in the comming week ?
        And what abt the new sony battery can i get that one

        1. Well, after the lead time. You will get the VTC5.

          1. Lead time and shipement time altogather i would get the mode after 40 to 45 days ‘_’ thats a long wait ‘_’

          2. Vape ’em if you got ’em 😉

  10. Hmm sent you guys a msg through the contact us form maybe that wasn’t the right way to go as I haven’t heard anything back regardless I love the new green case and the VTC5’s hope I get it! Very happy with my purchase even if my change to the green case doesn’t go through

    1. That was the right way, just responded to you. Change recorded, thanks!

  11. I ordered mine march 24 and was wondering if I’ll get the new sony vtc5? My order says it’s still processing. And I also sent an email through the contact us and haven’t got anything back.

    1. Replied. Yes you will get the VTC5.

      1. Awesome! I’m super excited! Can’t wait till it gets here. Thanks you guys!

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