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Status 5/5: Protovapor on vacation

Current estimated lead time

40-45 business days from payment. See the FAQ for details on how the lead time works.

We’re off

Las-Vegas-960-x-420We’re on vacation through early next week, as mentioned in the last post. Mod and other shipments are on hold, however email support will still be provided. Responses may be a little delayed, please bear with us.

XPV ordering pause

As mentioned previously, we have temporarily turned off XPV ordering while we are out of the office and will resume it some time after we return. We will be working out some new organization to hopefully help with our lead time; we will resume building and shipping mods late next week. Again, we did account for this time off in the lead times, and intend to remain on schedule by the published lead times.

VTC5 followup

There have been several inquiries, so for the record, any mod ordered with a Sony VTC4 battery after (and including) Order 397 has been/will be automatically upgraded to a VTC5 battery.

5 thoughts on “Status 5/5: Protovapor on vacation

  1. One thing I think would be cool to see, is a order batch currently being worked, maybe along the top bar of the site.

    Like “currently working order numbers XXX – XXX or similar. I also think this may help quell a lot of the anxiety and order inquiries you receive. Just my two cents.

    When one already resides in paradise, where do you go for vacation?

    1. Hello, specifics of our production schedule are proprietary and not information we would make public. Not the least reason for which it would inevitably lead to discussion and confusion about why we aren’t working at a different pace or schedule, etc. We need and regularly use flexibility in scheduling as well, and the last thing we need is inquiries about that.

      Finally such a meter would be updated by hand so it would be prone to untimely or uneven updating, or inaccuracy. We feel that time is better used just building the mods.

      Oh, we go to the “9th Island” (see picture)!

  2. I hope you are having fun on your vacation.

  3. Have fun, you deserve it and hurry back we need you!

  4. Vacation? I do not remember approving a vacation. LOL…..getting excited past the 30 day mark on my order…..come on….let’s get them shipped!

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