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Status 5/15: We’re back! But …

Current estimated lead time

40-45 business days from payment. See the FAQ for details on how the lead time works. See below for an update.

We’re back in!

We made it home relatively unscathed, and are back taking care of business.

coneBut …

Ohio, we have a problem. You may be aware that Evolv has been having some problems keeping up with demand for the DNA 30D. Our boards we ordered in early April were supposed to be here by last week at latest (3-5 weeks lead time) but should instead be arriving by the end of this week. We are completely out of DNA 30D boards, so as of right now we cannot build and ship any orders. We anticipate we will lose 3-4 planned build days due to this delay, so unfortunately we must now announce a 3-4 day delay in the listed lead times. So if your mod has not shipped yet, add 3-4 days to the lead time window. We will be looking for ways to make up this delay time over the next few weeks.

Non-DNA board repairs will be processed as usual.

EDIT 5/17: We did receive our shipment of boards and are building again. The delay still applies, but we are working to catch up.

Ordering on hold

In the meantime, XPV mod ordering remains on hold. We would like to reduce the lead time substantially and as mentioned earlier will make some changes to ordering to help reach this goal. We will announce when ordering reopens.

Thank you for your ongoing patience! We are chomping at the bit to get building again and will do our best to get back on schedule ASAP.

16 thoughts on “Status 5/15: We’re back! But …

  1. Is there any way you can say what the last order number was that will be completed by the original lead time estimate, to give a general idea of where we stand in the queue?

    1. We will not be announcing order numbers for the purpose of people trying to guess the queue. The lead times and adjustments we specify are as accurate as we can give them, and are what customers should be referring to.

  2. When I ordered mine 24/3/14 it said lead time was 30-35 business days from payment. This Monday 19/5/14 will be 40 business days. So will I have to add another 4 days to this? I’m leaving for Europe next month and my xpv still has to make it to canada from Hawaii. Is it gonna make the trip?

    1. Yes that is accurate, and it depends on exactly what day you are leaving next month. Please email us and let us know the exact date.

    2. Same boat. We have to wait but I hear its well worth the wait. I ordered on 25-Mar-14

  3. I have ordered for dna30 on 8th april so would just like to know when would i be getting just an estimation time please :/ ?

    1. You need to consult the lead time applicable at the time of your order, see the blog Site News category.

      1. At that time the lead time was 35 to 40 days today my 40 days are over but still no news it still says processing :s

        1. Lead times are in business days.

  4. just to get come clarification, I received a notice from the USPS saying that they have been notified by you guys electronically, on the 15th, will there still be a delay?

    1. Your order shipped out yesterday. We do have boards and are building again. Yes the delay still applies as far as what people should expect, but we can always beat it 😉

      1. Thanks for the update, it’s reassuring to know that you’re back in action! 😀

    2. What was your order number?

  5. You guys rock! You must be ready for another vacation with all the stress since you’ve been back? This is the most sought after DNA 30 mod and the one with the best reviews concerning build and customer service. I guess that’s why everyone is going nuts with the slight delay. We have to understand that things happen and all good things take time. Thanks for the quick reply to all my emails and for being so patient with us impatient vapors. Let’s give them some slack guys/girls they’re not running from us and address all our concerns ASAP

  6. Are they the same revision of dna board as before, or is there any improvements from the manufacturer? How was vegas? I haven’t been able to get back there this year.

    1. Same revision, Evolv has not changed anything. Slightly different splash screen message though.
      Vegas was … not bad for once!

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