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Status 6/12: New 510 connector launch

Current estimated lead time

25-30 business days from payment. See the FAQ for details on how the lead time works.

Additional delay remains in effect

Due to the pending launch of the new connector, we are leaving the 1-2 day additional delay in place for now to account for any issues.

XPV ordering is: CLOSED

As of this posting, XPV ordering is open. EDIT 6/13: XPV ordering is closed. Ordering will reopen next week.

New 510 connector launch

New 510 connectorsAs of today we expect to begin shipping the new 510 connectors full-time. We have worked quite a bit on the details of implementation as this is not quite a drop-in change. All currently shipping orders are getting an additional spacer placed on top of the unit which makes the required room for the new connector. Example photo below. This spacer will be phased out in 2-3 weeks when we receive new, larger spacers that take up the room in a single piece. We have ordered new cases that are redesigned to eliminate the need for the large additional spacer, so in 3-4 weeks we expect to start phasing out the wide spacers entirely.

If anyone would like to opt to hold their order until either the new spacers or new cases come in, please contact us via the support form. At this time we are not taking in mods for retrofitting with the 510 or shipping the 510 for user installation. We want to get up to speed on incorporating the connector into production before we announce those options.


Opt-in queue processing starts

Building of the mods that are opted-in for the new 510 connector begins today. We expect to clear the queue in about a week. There is no need to request the connector anymore as all future mods will be built with it.

Colors restocking

As mentioned, we have ordered new cases and replenished several of the sold-out colors, including black, green and blue. As usual if you would like to change color to one of those, contact us via the support form.

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