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Status 8/31: XPV colors now available

XPV DNA-200D all black, delrin covers, low profile 510XPV DNA-200D main production begins

Today we are pleased to announce the start of primary production of the XPV DNA-200D mod in our usual XPV color variety. In addition, we have upgraded the site software to support more robust options management and are now offering two-tone color schemes as a standard option. The new software should allow us to control sales volume more effectively and thus maintain a more consistent — and low — lead time. Please let us know if you run into any issues with the new software. Purchase your XPV today here:


We are currently in the process of updating images for the XPV and should have a more complete gallery as the week goes on.

XPV DNA-200D Extended Capacity preliminary announcement

In conjunction with the above announcement, we are also announcing another device, the XPV DNA-200D Extended Capacity. This is a triple 18650, 28.86 watt-hour version of the XPV DNA-200D and is basically the same mod but taller. We expect to officially announce it and make it available later this week.

XPV DNA-200D Extended Capacity

Hurricane alley

A little side note, we are currently deep in the midst of hurricane season here in the middle of the pacific. Should any approach too close to the islands we could see some power disruptions which would set production back, so we are being a little cautious with our lead time estimates.