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Status 8/6: Introducing the XPV DNA-200D

XPV DNA-200D launch!

XPV DNA-200DToday we are pleased to introduce our latest XPV, the XPV DNA-200D. Featuring the 200-watt DNA 200D board by Evolv, it is our most advanced and powerful device to date. We have completely remade our design and production for this XPV, and continue to tweak production methods, but as of today we are in full and continuous production. Currently only teal blue color is available and we will release stock over time in limited quantities to ensure that lead times are controlled. Additional colors are expected in about a week. The XPV remains a made-to-order device.

For a limited time after launch, the XPV DNA-200D will also be added to the HELLO2015 free domestic shipping coupon. Order yours here:


3 thoughts on “Status 8/6: Introducing the XPV DNA-200D

  1. Teal Blue is what you have then Teal Blue it is. Looks like the screen matches the color perfect. All ready have a black XPV DNA40D & a black & gray XPV30 so blue should go well with the collection. Can’t wait to receive the 200, I’m sure it’s amazing just like the other ones I purchased here. Have to say I’ve never had a single problem with any of your products so you guys must be doing something right. Thanks again, hopefully I beat the rush on this one, im always coming in late to the game and end up on the waiting list. Im sure this ones gonna be a big hit, your gonna be busy again.
    ★★★★★ Tom N. Long Island, New York ★★★★★

    1. Did you get yours yet Thomas? How is it?

      1. Just came in today, it’s sharp & it’s gonna be a long time before I put it down. It has a nice feel to it , not as heavy as the Vapor Shark rDNA 40 but about 1/2″ to 3/4″ longer. So far I would definitely say I’m enjoying it and happy I made the purchase. But then again any every upgrade that I have made here has been a excellent investment. You can’t go wrong with the ★ Evolv DNA ★ & ★Protovapor ★ & this one has more features than any other I’ve seen.
        Loving it & a very satisfied customer, like always.
        ★★★★★Tom N. L.I. New York ★★★★★

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