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Status 8/8: New mods, DNA 250 limited availability, DIY products

New mods announced

We are proud to announce three new mods to update our lineup to make use of Evolv’s latest boards. These mods represent the continuation of our design and functionality philosophy and will be on a short introductory pricing period until production can be ramped up. Quantities will be limited during this period.




Silo LE mods listed

2153As mentioned in the last update, we have posted all of our available Limited-Edition anodized Silo mods here. There are a couple of completed mods available as of this writing but due to the time constraints of meeting the FDA deadline, many mods have a lead time. Please be aware of any potential lead time when ordering. Due to FDA regulations we may not be able to do custom runs like this again.

Limited Edition Mods

Other DIY products

We are offering a few additional DIY products:

DNA-75D/200D/250D faceplates

Custom Silo case buttons

Evolv board (re)stocking … soon

We are currently short on DNA-200s, but we expect resupply shortly. Supply of DNA-60 and DNA-250s remains extremely limited. As they trickle in we may post some boards for sale, so stay tuned. DNA-75 boards remain in stock and ample supply.

2 thoughts on “Status 8/8: New mods, DNA 250 limited availability, DIY products

  1. What is the lead time for the custom camo mods I can’t find it anywhere

    1. Lead time for custom Silo mods is usually 3-5 business days

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