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Status 11/25: Out of the darkness

Current lead time

Estimated lead time for XPV orders 4-7 business days from payment. Please see the shipping delay below.

Shipping delayLightbulb

Unfortunately a power outage Monday cost us a day of production, so our shipping delay rises to 2-3 days. We have also adjusted the lead time above to make sure we set expectations correctly. We are working to eliminate the delay and reduce lead time again, but we continue to spend a lot of time on quality control and customer service for existing owners. We thank you again for your patience!

Version 3 DNA40 boards are in

As of 11/13/14, the retail box DNA40 boards we have are Version 3 boards (the latest version). We also fire test each board before shipping, with a nickel atomizer and at several wattages and temperatures.