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Status 7/26: 510 upgrade available

Current estimated lead time for XPV orders

12-18 business days from payment. See this page for details on how the lead time works.

XPV ordering is: OPEN

As of this posting, XPV ordering is open.

510 upgrade now available for purchase

510 upgrade
We have launched the 510 upgrade as an ala carte product. You can now purchase it for your older XPV mods. Please read the descriptions well for how the arrangements work. We intend to keep these continuously available, however we do have a set number we will sell at a time, so we can manage the turnaround times.

510 Connector Upgrade – USA

510 Connector Upgrade – International

2 thoughts on “Status 7/26: 510 upgrade available

  1. Why not a 22mm connector?

    As i need to replace the insulator,and got these connector,take the long way and replaced the entire connector.
    These are the best quality connectors i ever tried,and are the last step needed for XPV perfection.
    Now i love my XPV even more.

    1. Several reasons, one we did not want that much added bulk at the top of the mod where it already tends to get top heavy rather easily. Our new 510 connector is just 1mm thick. Second is that 22mm is an extremely tight fit on the mod and due to manufacturing tolerances, 22mm connectors cannot fit on all cases. So they are not an option for production.

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