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Status 3/21: March sale!

A Sale!

Spring has sprung so let’s have a sale. Coupon code¬†MARCH17 gets you 15% off your order (excl. closeouts). This sale will run through the end of March. At the moment we are stocked on all DNA boards but we are closing out the following boards: DNA 25, DNA 40 all types, DNA 200. These have been superseded by the later model versions and sales are tapering off. If you use any of these specific boards and foresee an ongoing need, please let us know.

Move update

We are fully moved into our new location, however we are still setting up our new production procedures so delays of up to a few days on shop jobs (mod builds, etc.) are ongoing. Message us if we’re late on any job you have with us, and we can give an update.

Production of the XPV 75 is fully live, the XPV 60 and XPV 250 should be going live soon. We apologize for the long delay on these units.

Join us on Facebook

We have finally established a Facebook page, we highly encourage following us there. Status updates and product posts tend to hit there first as it is easier to put a quick post there.

Protovapor Facebook Page

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Advisory 1/31: Moving delay

Protovapor is in the middle of a location move necessitated by the sudden loss of our colocation partner. The process has been very unpredictable up to this point but we now know we will be losing several shop work days due to the move. All jobs requiring shop work (primarily mod builds and repairs) will be delayed several days while we complete the move. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Shipping of stocked items is not expected to be delayed and will continue normally.

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Status 1/16: New Year sale, new products, updates

New Year sale!

SALE!Let’s kick off 2017 with a sale! Use the code HELLO2017 for 17% off orders of $50 or more (excl. closeout items and tools/machinery). We here at Protovapor thank you for your support over the years and look forward to continuing to provide you great products and services¬†in the new year.

XPV DNA-75 official launch

XPV DNA-75D Black/Black iceWe are proud to officially launch our Second generation XPV products with the XPV DNA-75. These are billet mods featuring a variety of accent materials. We continue to work on releasing our other 2nd generation XPV models, and are currently looking at a 2-3 week release window.


DNA 60 full availability

The Evolv DNA 60 is now fully launched and available from Protovapor. We are currently fully stocked and shipping on DNA products! We have also restocked the bulletproof Evolv 510 connector and DNA200/250 compatible Fullymax 3S 900mah battery.

Evolv DNA 60

Shipping software update

We recently upgraded our shipping software which now allows us to offer International First Class shipping to select countries as well as lower rates to Canada. Also, the Free US Shipping option at $50 no longer requires a coupon to be entered.

New products

A few new products added:

Evolv 1A micro-USB data/charging board for DNA 60

Glass dropper bottles for DIY liquids



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Status 11/28: Cyber Week continues, shipping notice

Protovapor Out of Office Sale 20% off, shipping resumes 12/2

SALE!Protovapor is out of office until 12/2. Shipping will resume at that time, and all lead times for orders made before 12/2 are considered to start on 12/2. We continue Cyber Week with a 20% off sale on all products sitewide (except closeout items)! Use the coupon code TWENTY16, good through 12/2. Stackable with the FREESHIP coupon of course.

Last status update’s items, in case you missed them, and updated with latest info:

DNA 60 release imminent!

DNA 60We are expecting production DNA60s to arrive this week and begin shipping 12/20 (UPDATED). These are production boards with rails and include the charger/data board. Full Evolv warranty and Protovapor service apply. We do not know at this time how many boards will be available, but will work to fulfill orders in the order in which they are placed as soon as we can!

Update 12/7: We are receiving our first shipment of DNA60s, unfortunately it is a very small number and supply from Evolv is VERY sparse. We will ship what we have as soon as we get it. We expect our next shipment on or around 12/20 at this time.

Glaive variations now available

Glaive Spinner OptionsLower-cost options are now available for the Glaive spinner, including solid brass and aluminum versions. Get yours today!

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Status 11/21: Cyber week early sale! DNA 60 release news

Cyber Week early sale Р15% off sitewide!

SALE!Let’s kick off Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Week early with a 15% off sale on all products sitewide¬†(except closeout items)! Use the coupon code CYBER2016! Stackable with the FREESHIP coupon of course.

DNA 60 release imminent!

DNA 60In anticipation of the full production release of the DNA 60 by Evolv, we are releasing the remaining early production boards we have on hand for immediate shipment! These are rail-less boards and include the charger/data board. Full Evolv warranty and Protovapor service apply. We expect full production availability to follow shortly after and will shift to a preorder once the last boards on hand are sold.

Glaive variations now available

Glaive Spinner OptionsLower-cost options are now available for the Glaive spinner, including solid brass and aluminum versions. Get yours today!

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Status 10/26: Introducing the Glaive spinner, Nebula Silos, CNC for sale!

Meet the Glaive, Protovapor’s first spinner fidget toy

Glaive - True BloodProtovapor is proud to introduce the Glaive, an “EDC” spinner fidget toy. These will be produced in-house and are built to custom order. The first run is made out of brass, both body and buttons, with Kirinite inlays, polished to a high gloss. More material options to come. The first run is available at a special introductory pricing, order yours today!

Protovapor Glaive spinner

Nebula Silos now available

Nebula GammaWe have listed a several Silos in what we are calling Nebula pattern, which is the best “space” theme pattern our anodizing partner has done for us yet. These are the last custom-anodized Silos we are offering for the foreseeable future — our concentration now shifts to our own mod designs!

Limited edition mods

Production on XPV-60 and XPV-250 continues

We have had some issues with some suppliers that are holding up the production of the newest XPV models, and the DNA-60 board is not available yet from Evolv. We hope to be ready to begin building at least the XPV-250s within a couple of weeks.

Desktop 5-axis CNC machine for sale

PocketNC Mill (Manufacturer Photo)Repeating this one as it was added after the last post went up. We are selling our PocketNC 5-Axis Desktop Mill. It’s an incredible piece of machinery. Check it out. Send us any questions via the Contact Us page.

PocketNC 5-Axis Desktop Mill

DNA-250 quantity breaks now available

Supply of DNA-250s is steady enough to offer quantity pricing. Order a bunch today!

Evolv DNA 250D (retail box)

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Status 9/16: DNA 250 available now, closeout category added, SALE!

DNA-250DNA 250 in stock, for now

Although full availability of the DNA 250 is still expected for October or almost then, we were able to get our hands on enough boards to make them available without quantity limits. In stock and shipping now. While supplies last.

Evolv DNA 250D (retail box)

Closeout category added

We need to make room for our new product lines and close the books on some of our older stock, so we have created a CLOSEOUTS! category where we will list the remaining quantities of products at steep discounts.

SALE!Weekend sale!

To get things moving, through Monday, 9/19, take 10% off your entire order with the code SEPT16.

PocketNC 5-Axis Desktop Mill for sale!

ADDED 9/19: We are selling our PocketNC 5-Axis Desktop Mill. It’s an incredible piece of machinery. Check it out.

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Status 8/8: New mods, DNA 250 limited availability, DIY products

New mods announced

We are proud to announce three new mods to update our lineup to make use of Evolv’s latest boards. These mods represent the continuation of our design and functionality philosophy and will be on a short introductory pricing period until production can be ramped up. Quantities will be limited during this period.




Silo LE mods listed

2153As mentioned in the last update, we have posted all of our available Limited-Edition anodized Silo mods here. There are a couple of completed mods available as of this writing but due to the time constraints of meeting the FDA deadline, many mods have a lead time. Please be aware of any potential lead time when ordering. Due to FDA regulations we may not be able to do custom runs like this again.

Limited Edition Mods

Other DIY products

We are offering a few additional DIY products:

DNA-75D/200D/250D faceplates

Custom Silo case buttons

Evolv board (re)stocking … soon

We are currently short on DNA-200s, but we expect resupply shortly. Supply of DNA-60 and DNA-250s remains extremely limited. As they trickle in we may post some boards for sale, so stay tuned. DNA-75 boards remain in stock and ample supply.

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Status 8/1: DNA60 preorder live, more LE silo mods, countdown to regulation

Evolv DNA 60 available for preorder

DNA60 RenderingEvolv is releasing the DNA 60 ahead of the FDA regulatory deadline so producers can get the very latest boards into products before time runs out. The DNA 60 is now available for preorder from Protovapor. We are working with Evolv to get the boards shipped out as soon as possible. We do plan to stock this and any other Evolv boards available during the FDA regulatory grace period.

Evolv DNA 60 (Retail Box)

More Silo LE mods coming

2143-2We have received a batch of stunning anodized Silo mods which we will be listing shortly here. There are a couple of completed mods available as of this writing but due to the time constraints of meeting the FDA deadline, additional mods will probably list with a lead time. Please be aware of any potential lead time when ordering.

Limited Edition Mods

Countdown to regulatory Armageddon

As you should be aware, the vapor industry is facing a major regulatory deadline in the Aug. 8 enactment of FDA rules that were released earlier this year. Protovapor intends to have several all-new device models and other products as of this deadline, so we can continue to serve the vaping community into the future. We expect to be extremely busy in the short term and as a result may incur additional delays on repairs and other services. Please bear with us as we need to complete certain regulatory steps to guarantee that we will continue to exist.

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Status 5/3: Limited edition mods, DNA 75 launch, custom buttons, more!

Introducing Protovapor Limited Edition Silo mods

Silo LE SN2138Silo LE GalaxyWe are proud to announce the launch of Protovapor limited edition Silo mods, unique custom-anodized versions of the DNA-200D Silo mod. Each of these devices is a one-of-a-kind and they will be sold individually.

Patterns we will be posting include Camo and Galaxy (shown), and we have several more pending. These are being made in extremely limited numbers and we are very unsure whether these will continue to be produced, so get them while you can. Mods will be listed here:

Protovapor Limited Edition Mods

DNA 75 preorder LAUNCH!

DNA 75D Retail BoxProtovapor will be carrying new Evolv’s DNA 75D board and intend to make them available as soon as possible. Toward that end we are offering them for preorder, with a preliminary estimated shipping target of 5/13/16. THIS IS A LOOSE TARGET and is likely to change. We will update the estimate on the page.¬† NOW IN STOCK AND SHIPPING!

Evolv DNA 75D (Retail Box) 

Custom silo buttons

Silo Custom Buttons

In conjunction with the limited edition Silo mod release, we are now including custom buttons with all Protovapor-built Silo mods. Current colors are shown here. These are polished to a deep, mirror finish. For our standard Silo mod builds, you will be able to select the button color from a drop-down, and see a full-size image of the buttons:

Protovapor Silo DNA-200D

Upcoming break

Protovapor will be out of office 5/9/16-5/12/16. Final shipment prior goes out 5/7 and shipping resumes 5/13.